Gülsün Yücel Lawyer

Gülsün Yücel

Jale Dizdarlı Lawyer

Jale Dizdarlı

Dilşah Karayel Lawyer

Dilşah Karayel

Ayten Erçoban Lawyer

Ayten Erçoban

Mehmet Portakalcı Lawyer

Mehmet Portakalcı

Bahar Ersözer Lawyer

Bahar Ersözer

Dündar Gürpınar Lawyer

Dündar Gürpınar

Olcay Kara Assistant

Olcay Kara

Nuray Debreli Office Coordinator

Nuray Debreli
Office Coordinator


    Our firm has been at the forefront of public law for more than 20 years, acting for individuals and organizations. 

    Our firm has vast experience in family cases and has been providing services particularly in the subjects of divorce, custodial rights, maintenance and other financial relief claims.

    Our firm represents and gives legal advice to the insurance companies in the areas of subrogation and personal loss. Our firm currently represents AXA Sigorta A.Ş.

    Gulsun Yucel Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in banking and finance law in the TRNC. Our firm provides legal and consulting services to national and international banks and financial institution in the TRNC. Our banking and finance team advises on the structuring of various banking and financial transactions, the drafting and negotiation of contracts and other deal documents. Our firm is currently the sole legal consultant, advisor and advocate of Turkiye Garanti Bank A.Ş, ING Bank A.Ş and Turkiye Halk Bank A.Ş.

    Our firm acts for one of the major mobile phone companies in the TRNC, namely, KKTCELL, advising the company on employment issues, commercial contracts and data protection.  Our firm also provides services for network operators and service providers. 

    Gülsün Yücel Law Office provides legal services to its clients on economical crimes, disputes caused by occupational accident, frauds, burglary, larceny, criminal negligence and crimes defined in banking law.

    Gülsün Yücel Law Office has extensive experience in defamation and other media-related areas of law including infringement of privacy, confidence, copyright, patents, trade marks and other similar torts or civil wrongs.

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